Hi guys and gals, and welcome to Vader UK.

Vader UKI've been a Darth Vader costumer since 1999, when I started sourcing and building parts for my ESB themed Vader.

Back then resources were few and far between, and my main source for various components was a company called Galaxy Trading.

Dale, at Galaxy trading put me in touch with Graham Campbell from the then very small UK Garrison. Costuming in public hadn't entered into mind at this time as I was just building for display - but Graham convinced me that it would be fun, and there begun my cosplay journey.

I was to be the first every Darth Vader costumer in the UK Garrison, which to this day is an honour and a privilege. Not less because it was alongside a good friend, Graham.

This is a very brief intro. I will expand my story in time to come, as I expand the site.

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